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Our Journey
Oriental Carpets
The story of Remade Carpets is about passion for the art of oriental Turkish carpets. We have started our journey in 1968 when our founder first stepped in to the historical Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, we have been sharing our passion for carpets with our clients world wide. Through out many years, we have become the global spokesman of the elegancy of hand woven Anatolian treasure. By participating in numerous exhibitions and fairs, we have built everlasting friendships and global partners.
New Orient Carpet Art is a result of an inspiration
remade carpets
Remade revisits and interprets oriental carpets produced through the 1900s with new cutting edge techniques. The past is projected into the present with its materials and traditional weaving techniques. Through decolorization process and subsequent monochromatic dyeing, carpets are delivered with new identity.

The unique and original results of this process are precious. Despite the similar workmanship and mood, no two carpets are identical.

Exactly where the East, meets the West:

Imagine a carpet that is older than half a century. Carpet weaving art that hides the hard work of the ones who engraved their history, culture and lives within, At
Remade, we remake the forgotten carpets and bring them back for a second life. We bring character into your space with each carpet and give carpet art the opportunity to be a part of modern interior design.

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